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Amlon Tutors' Philosophy - press release-

The ever-quickening pace of information is a daunting aspect of this technology age. But mere knowledge is a poor cousin to learning, and learning is only useful when grounded in wisdom. From this deeply-rooted approach, Amlon Tutors looks at education as a life-changing and lifelong experience, a quest that goes far beyond achievement of the highest possible test scores, as a person learns, adapts and discovers through life's challenges and rewards.

That is why we insist on selecting tutors who are well-rounded and interesting people, have walked this path, and have solid experience in the fields they cover. Our curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines, from the educational building blocks of language, mathematics, and science, to the artistic pursuits of music and dance.

Amlon Tutors uses encouragement and inspiration to develop a student's potential. We believe education is a life-long process and starts with a desire to learn, whether for star achievers or those who are feeling discouraged. Many children suffer from being told they are behind. But we accept the child wherever he or she is, seeking to awaken or stimulate interest in a subject, rather than a sense of enforcement and duty. There are no lost causes.

We also understand that making a subject interesting and rewarding is the key to unlocking a child's potential, to inspire him or her with a love of a subject and to convey its enrichment of life and its relevance. Learning comes from inspiration, not a sense of enforcement and duty. It encourages dreams, and cherishes the gift of imagination.

We are also committed to the wider aims of professionals seeking to address the education shortfall in the U.S., compared with other developed nations. Hardly a day goes by without some news report lamenting the state of education in the U.S. -- in literacy, numeracy, in scientific competence -- and the woefully inadequate measures of cash-strapped administrations to address this.

The National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching, published in September 2000, complained: "our children are losing the ability to respond not just to the challenges already presented by the 21st century but to its potential as well. We are failing to capture the interest of our youth for scientific and mathematical ideas. We are not instructing them to the level of competence they will need to live their lives and work at their jobs productively. Perhaps worst of all, we are not challenging their imaginations enough."

At Amlon Tutors, we believe in a well-rounded education that pursues a range of disciplines. Whether we are discoverers, inventors, or pioneers, we must also be communicators that can explain concepts to the layperson, and even if we are laypeople in some areas, we still need to grasp what they have to teach us. The renaissance ideal is not just a historical phenomenon but a standard that should represent human variety. Learning never stops, and our capabilities are limitless.

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