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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of my family in expressing our deepest gratitude for the services that Amlon Tutoring has delivered to our 9 year old son.

Our son, was performing poorly in school and my wife and I were getting deeply frustrated. We knew that our son was capable of meeting the standards and recognized that he would benefit from a tutor.

We looked on the internet and I investigated the Amlon Tutors website. I had an opportunity to speak with an Amlon education consultant and explained what our needs were and he was extremely accomodating. He recommended an Amlon Tutor, and from the moment he set foot in our apartment and met with our son, we recognized it was an excellent match.

We explained to the Amlon Tutor what we thought our son's academic deficits were and he immediately designed a program to meet his needs. The Amlon Tutor was able to use his excellent skills in tutoring while also being cognitive of the difficulties of keeping a 9 year old engaged for an hour and a half.

The difference in our son's academic performance is compelling in that he was able to meet all of the standards in his grade. We attribute much of this success to the work that Amlon Tutor did and we recommend Amlon Tutoring without any reservations.

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