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AmlonTutors private educational service, teaching students academic subjects, coaching stardardized tests are carefully selected from among the brightest and most successful individuals in their fields.  In addition to their scholarship, Amlon tutors are caring and supportive people who have exceptional communications skills.

Selected scholar profiles

Liliane Min, MD
Director of Academic Curriculum

  • Temple Medical Center
    Internal Medicine Residency

  • New York University Medical School
    NYU Medical Center President of AMWA (American Medical Women's Association)
    President of Medical Students' for Choice

  • Cornell University BA
    Undergraduate colleges acceptance: Yale, Cornell, MIT, Amherst, Univ. of Chicago
    Dean's List Cornell University
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Honor Society
    Gannett Health Science Medical Assistant

  • Cardozo High-School
    graduation rank: 6th


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