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"Thank you! You are a wonderful teacher"
Stuyvesant H.S. parent
Biology Freshman student scores raised from 70's to 90's in 5 sessions

"The difference in our son's academic performance is compelling in that he was able to meet all of the standards in his grade. We attribute much of this success to the work that the Amlon Tutor did and we recommend Amlon Tutoring without any reservations"
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Parent and School Principal
Bright Middle School student fulfilling his potential

"I wish I had tutoring all along...
I didn't know Math and Physics could be so easy."
Bronx Science H.S. Junior
Student was failing SeqIII and Physics (had failed SeqIII Regents once).
After tutoring, scored high 80's-90's and passed Regents in both subjects

"94...96...Student's Chemistry scores. Your tutoring has given my daughter the boost she needed to keep herself on top of the class.  As a parent, I want to provide her with all the reassurance she needs to feel confident."
Stuyvesant H.S. parent
Very bright student Aceing her subjects

Amlon is the best! On very short notice, Amlon was able to send an extremely qualified teacher to my home to tutor my child for a city-wide math test. As a parent of a child with learning problems, I am used to teachers telling me what my child cannot do. An Amlon tutor came in and immediately started looking for my child's strengths and giving my child confidence in what she already knew, then they worked together to demystify the areas of math that my child did not understand. And it worked. She passed the city-wide math test for the first time in five years. Thank you Amlon.
Proud Parent
Student promotted to High-School

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