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CUNY Math Assessment Test



The CUNY Mathematics Skills Assessment Test

The CUNY Mathematics Skills Assessment Test

The Mathematics Skills Assessment Test is designed to measure students' knowledge of a number of topics in mathematics. The test consists of 80 questions and is divided into five parts: arithmetic, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus. Students have a total of two hours and thirty minutes to complete the test. Fifty minutes are allotted for the first two parts -- arithmetic and elementary algebra -- and one hour and forty minutes for the last three parts. Students are not permitted to use calculators when taking the test. Placement into Mathematics Courses Placement into required basic math courses is based on results of the first two parts of the test: arithmetic and elementary algebra (40 questions). The maximum score for these two parts is 40, and the current minimum passing score for arithmetic and elementary algebra is 25. The test covers progressively advanced topics with placement into more advanced mathematics courses based on results of the last three parts of the test: intermediate algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus. Minimum passing scores for these sections are set by the individual colleges based on their requirements and curricula. Total score and part scores are the number of correct answers.
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