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NY Statewide Grade 8 Exam

What are the grade 8 NY State tests?

Who should take it?

When are the exams administered?

NY state standards test structure

How are the tests Scored?

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8th grade New York State Tests (ELAS)

Math - English Language Arts (ELA) - Social Studies - Science

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What are the 8th grade New York State Tests?
The New York State Tests are criterion-referenced tests administered by the State of New York to diagnose students proficiency in the content areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  The assessments are written in accordance to, and aligned with the New York State Learning Standards.

Who should take 8th grade ELAS?
All public school 8th grade students in the state of New York are required to take these exams.

When are the exams administered?
The New York State Tests will be administered:

  • Jan 14-15, 2003 for English Language Arts (ELA) Grade 8;
  • anytime between Jan 6 and Jan 31, 2003 for the Science Grades 8 Performance section (Manipulative Skills)
  • May 6-7, 2003 for Mathematics Grade 8;
  • June 10, 2003 for the Science Grades 8 Written section (Objective Test),
  • June 11 -12, 2003 for the Intermediate New York State Social Studies Test.

What is the New York State Standards Test Structure
The tests consist of single answer multiple choice, short-response/extended response (open-ended) questions, and a composition (ELA).

  • The Grade 8 English Language Arts assessment is administered in two sessions and contains 25 multiple choice questions, 6 short-response items, 2 extended-response items and 1 composition.
  • The Grade 8 Mathematics assessment is administered in two sessions and contains 27 multiple choice questions, 12 short-response items and 6 extended-response items.
  • The Grade 8 Science Written assessment contains multiple choice, short-response and extended-response items. The Grade 8 Science Performance assessment contains 3 stations for hands-on performance tasks as well as constructed response items.
  • The Grade 8 Social Studies assessment is comprised of two test booklets and students have 1 hours to complete each. There are 45 multiple choice questions, 3-4 constructed response questions and one document-based question.

How are the NY test scored?
The multiple choice and constructed response items are scored using several different New York Scoring Rubrics (or point scales), depending on the content area.

  • The Mathematics assessment follows a local scoring process; a 2-point holistic rubric is used to score the short-response questions and a 3-point holistic rubric is used to score the extended-response questions.
  • The Social Studies assessment essays must be scored by at least two qualified teachers, using holistic scoring rubrics. The constructed-response questions and short-answer, document-based questions are required to be scored by only one qualified teacher.
  • The English Language Arts assessment is scored using a regional scoring scoring rubric. In assigning a score to an Independent Writing response, all relevant factors:focus, development, organization, and writing style, should be assessed. However, the most weighted factor is development.
  • For both the written and performance test in the Science assessment, student answer sheets will be scored locally by teachers using scoring guides provided by the State Department of Education.
Scoring results are reported by the New York state Department of Education and are broken down by district and school. These scores are available at 

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