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Hunter HS admission test 

What is the Hunter College High School?

Who can take the exam?

When is it offered?

How to register?

Hunter HS entrance test structure

How is admission determined

How can Amlon help?

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2,500 New York City Sixth Graders To Take Highly Competitive Hunter College High School Entrance Exam

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Enriched Learning through Personalized Instruction
Admission to the Hunter College High School is highly competitive. Each year about 2,500 academically gifted students compete to fill roughly 250 spaces in the entering class. One-on-one tutoring enhances your student's chances to perform at his or her best. To be successful in this exam students must perform well above their present grade level. In a regular classroom setting, an above-average student may not be adequately stimulated and may lose interest if the content and material are not challenging. Private tutoring can supplement learning by creating an atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking, creative process and subject mastery. Amlon tutors will challenge your student's intellect by targeting areas of interest, and raising the level of complexity, thereby improving your talented child's ability to perform well on the Hunter entrance exam. Read about our Philosophy

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Private tutoring offers flexibility. Your tutor will strive to meet you at times and in locations that are most convenient for you. Contact us for an appointment.

What is the Hunter College High School?
The Hunter College High School is a public school established to educate intellectually gifted students of diverse ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds from the five boroughs of New York City. It consists of an elementary school (PreK - grade 6) and a high school (grades 7-12).

Who can take the Hunter entrance exam?
The only entry point to Hunter High School is the seventh grade. Thus, the exam is designed for New York City's intellectually gifted 6th grade students, as determined by performance in standardized assessments, who are performing at at two to three and one half years above sixth grade level.

When is the Hunter College admission test offered?
The Hunter exam is offered once in January of each year to students residing within the five Boroughs of NYC who meet the specific criteria in reading and mathematics
. There are no make-ups or retests.

How does a student register for the Hunter Examination?
School Principals are asked to identify students who performed at high levels on the fifth grade standardized tests (greater than 90th percentile in Total Reading and Math). Admission cards for the entrance exam are sent to those eligible candidates.

What is the Hunter School High School Admission Test Structure?
It is a three hour exam consisting of about 100 multiple choice questions and one essay.

  1. Verbal Section (50% weight)
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Vocabulary
    • Sentence Completion
    • Grammar
  2. Math Section (50% weight): Basic skills to solve problems
  3. Assigned Topic Essay (30 minutes) - "high quality and content required"

How does the entrance exam determine admission to the Hunter High School Gifted program?
A "cut-off" score in the multiple-choice portion of the exam is determined. Essays from students that met the cut-off score are read. The top scorers on the objective exam who also wrote a high quality essay are offered admission. Additionally, the next 30 students, by score and essay quality, who are economically disadvantaged, are offered admission.

Amlon Tutors will help your gifted student succeed!
Nurturing giftedness is an on-going and long-term process. Amlon Tutors will help your talented student prepare for this difficult test by ensuring that the student is performing above grade level. In school, the student is receiving instruction at the 6th grade level, which is not sufficiently rigorous for taking the Hunter exam. Extreme care is taken that the student is not pushed too hard, beyond his/her capabilities. There will be specific focus on mastering a rich vocabulary, handling advanced grade reading material, acquiring high math skills, and developing an effective writing style. Most importantly, your talented student will be challenged and stimulated. Find an Amlon tutor.

Amlon Tutors is not affiliated with the Hunter College High School. 
Hunter HS does not endorse this program or any other preparation course.
Amlon Tutors places no claims that any preparation will improve Hunter's admission.
Use common sense and good judgment to decide if Amlon Tutors private tutoring will be beneficial to your child.
Please contact the Hunter High School for specific information about its entrance exam and program.

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