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Math B Regents 

What is the Math B Regents?

When is it offered?

Math B Regents test structure

Math B Curriculum

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Math B Regents 

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Achieve your highest score in the Math B Regents by having personalized attention. One-on-one tutoring allows a student to prepare for the Math B Regents efficiently. It is customized to fit the student's learning style, at his/hers pace, focusing on concepts and skills that need strengthening. We'll ensure that the Mathematics curriculum is presented according to NY State learning standards giving the student the best opportunity to succeed.

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What is the Math B Regents?
The New York State Mathematics B Regents Examination is the Math standardized assessment that all students in New York State must pass in order to graduate from high school. The test requires students to demonstrate their ability to apply facts and definitions, solve problems, and show their understanding of mathematical procedures and problem-solving strategies. The New Regents have increased emphasis on use of the graphing calculator. The material tested falls into seven key categories developed in the NYS Standards for Education: mathematical reasoning, number and numeration, operations, modeling/multiple representation, measurement, probability, and patterns/functions.

When is the Math B Regents offered?
The Math B Regents is offered in January, June and August of each year. The next Regents week will be Jan 27 - 30, 2003.

How is the Math B Regents Test structured?
The New Math B Regents consists of four parts that have to be completed in three hours. Students are to answer ALL questions, and show ALL work. Part I is the multiple -choice response section, whereas, Parts II, III, and IV are open-ended response sections where students must clearly indicate the necessary steps used in arriving at a conclusion. 

  • Part I - (40  points)  -  20 multiple choice questions worth 2 pts each
  • Part II - (10 points)  -  5 Open ended question worth 2 pts each.
  • Part III - (15 points)  -  5 Open ended question worth 3 pts each.
  • Part IV - (20 points)  -  5 Open ended question worth 4 pts each.

Which is the subject matter included in the Math B Curriculum?
* indicates sections which require the use of a graphing calculator

  1. Mathematical Reasoning (5-10% of Regents Exam)
    • Logic - Constructing Valid Arguments
      A. Venn Diagrams
      B. Truth Values: and, or, implies, if and only if
      C. Related Conditionals: converse, inverse, contrapositive
      D. Truth Value of Compound Sentences
      E. Truth Value of Open Sentences
  2. Numbers & Numeration (5-10% of Regents Exam)
    • A. Rational & Irrational Numbers
      B. Approximations of Irrational Numbers
      C. Properties of Real Numbers
  3. Operations (15-20% of Regents Exam)
    • Algebraic Skills
      A. Signed Numbers *
      B. Order of Operations & Evaluating Expressions
      C. Addition & Subtraction of Polynomials
      D. Multiplication of Polynomials *
      E. Division of Polynomials by Monomials
      F. Operations with Radicals
      G. Scientific Notation
      H. Algebraic Fractions
      G. Factoring
    • Exponents
    • Transformations
      A. Line Reflection
      B. Translation
      C. Rotation
      D. Dilation
      E. Line & Point Symmetry
    • Applications of Mathematics
  4. Modeling/Multiple Representation (15-25% of Regents Exam)
    • Problem Solving with Algebra & Geometry
      A. Algebraic Representations
      B. Triangle Inequalities
      C. Formulas & Literal Equations
      D. Types of Angles (including Angles with Parallel Lines)
      E. Sum of Interior & Exterior Angles of Polygons
      F. Study of Triangles
      G. Study of Quadrilaterals
    • Geometric Constructions
      A. Basic Constructions
      B. Congruence
      C. Similarity
    • Transformations in Coordinate Geometry
      A. Reflection in a Line
      B. Reflection in a Point
      C. Translations *
      D. Dilations
    • Locus
      A. At a Fixed Distance from a Point
      B. At a Fixed Distance from a Line
      C. Equidistant from Two Points
      D. Equidistant from Two Parallel Lines
      E. Equidistant from Two Intersecting Lines
      F. Compound Locus
  5. Measurement (15-25% of Regents Exam)
    • Application of Formulas
      A. Perimeter of Polygons & Circumference of Circles
      B. Area of Polygons & Circles
      C. Volume of Solids
      D. Pythagorean Theorem
    • Application of appropriate Units & Tools
      A. Metric/English Conversions
      B. Use of Tools
    • Analyzing in 3-D
    • Statistics
      A. Collecting & Organizing Data *
      B. Measures of Central Tendency: Mean-Mode-Median
      C. Quartiles & Percentiles
    • Right Triangle Trigonometry
      A. Proportions
      B. Ratio
      C. Proportions
      D. Scale Drawing
      E. Percent
      D. Similar Figures
      E. Similar Polygons: Ratio of Perimeters & Areas
      F. Comparison of Volumes of Similar Solids
      G. Direct Variation
    • Applications in Coordinate Geometry
      A. Absolute Value
      B. Length of a Line Segment - Distance
      C. Midpoint of a Segment
      E. Equation of a Line
      F. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
    • Error in Measurement
  6. Uncertainty (Probability) (5-10% of Regents Exam)
    • Theoretical versus Empirical Probability
      A. Problems Involving Probability
      B. Single & Compound Events
      C. Problems Involving AND & OR
    • Computing Probabilities
      A. Mutually Exclusive & Independent Events
      B. Counting Principle
      C. Sample Space
      D. Tree Diagrams
    • Permutations & Combinations
      A. Factorial Notation
      B. Permutations: nPn & nPr
      C. Combinations: nCn & nCr
  7. Patterns & Functions (15-25% of Regents Exam)
    • Represent & Analyze Functions
      A. Solve Linear Equations with Integral, Fraction, or Decimal Coefficients
      B. Solve Linear Inequalities
      C. Solve Factorable Quadratic Equations
      D. Graphs of Linear Equations: Slope & Intercept *
      E. Graph Inequalitites *
      F. Solve Systems of Linear Equations *
      G. Solve Systems of Inequalities *
      H. Graphs of Conics: Circles & Parabolas *
      I. Solve Quadratic-Linear Pair *
    • Modeling Real World Situations with Functions

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Through individual analysis of the student's strengths and weaknesses, Amlon Tutors will help the student prepare for the Math B Regents, by focusing on the specific knowledge and skills required by the New York State Board of Regents. Students prepared by an Amlon private tutor can feel confident in their ability to excel in the Math B Regents. Find a tutor.

Recommended Prep Materials Students sitting for the Math B Exam must have access to a straightedge (ruler), a compass and a graphing calculator

Let's Review Math B

Barron's Regents Exams and Answers: Math B

Regents Math B Power Pack

The Power Pack includes both the "blue" Let's Review Math B and the "red" Soved questions and answers. This brand-new addition to Barron's Let's Review Series conforms to the new Regents Math B curriculum taught in secondary schools throughout New York State. This book gives an in-depth review of all Math B topics, provides graphing calculator instruction at the keystroke level, and presents hundreds of questions with answers for guided practice and review. This brand new Regents review "Redbook" conforms to the new Regents Math B curriculum taught in secondary schools throughout New York State. The new Math B exam covers topics that until recently were included in portions of the old Sequential Math Course II and all of the Sequential Math Course III. However, the entire math curriculum has been restructured, and this book reviews all Math B requirements and topics through step-by-step solutions to actual and simulated test questions. Includes graphing calculator skills and test-taking tips. Four full-length exams are included: the Regents Sample Math B test plus the exams that were given in June and August of 2001 and in January 2002
Roadmap to the Regents Math B Exam

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