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Physics Regents 

What is the Physics Regents?

When is it offered?

Physics Regents test structure

Physics Curriculum

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Physics Regents - The Physical Setting

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Achieve your highest score in the Physics Regents by having personalized attention. One-on-one tutoring allows a student to prepare for the Physics Regents efficiently. It is customized to fit the student's learning style, at his/hers pace, focusing on concepts and skills that need strengthening. We'll ensure that the Physics curriculum is presented according to NY State learning standards giving the student the best opportunity to succeed.

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What is the Physics Regents?
The Physics - Physical Setting Regents Examination is a standardized assessment given to students enrolled in New York State schools. The examination is based on the physical setting Core Curriculum which is based on Standard 4 of the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. These content-based questions test your ability to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from the physical setting core curriculum.

When is the Physics Regents offered?
The Physics Regents is offered in January, June and August of each year. The next Regents week will be Jan 27 - 30, 2003.

How is the Physics Regents Test structured?
The Physics Regents consists of three parts that have to be completed in three hours.

  • Part I - Core Units 65 points 55 multiple choice questions on the 5 core subject areas: Mechanics, Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Wave Phenomena, Modern Physics.
  • Part II - Extended Units 20 points Multiple choice and Open ended question from any of these: Motion In A Plane (projectile and circular), Internal Energy, Electromagnetic Applications, Geometric Optics, Solid State, Nuclear Energy.
  • Part III - Core Units 15 points This is known as the free response section of the exam. These are similar to the complete calculation problems. There are typically three questions with several parts to them.

Which is the subject matter included in the Physics Curriculum?

  1. Mechanics
    A. Kinematics (study of motion without regard to force)
    B. Statics (study of forces acting on a body at rest)
    C. Dynamics (study of forces changing motion)
    D. Momentum
  2. Energy
    A. Work
    B. Power
    C. Energy
  3. Electricity & Magnetism
    A. Static Electricity
    B. Electric Current
    C. Magnetism
    D. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Wave Phenomena
    A. Wave Characteristics
    B. Periodic Wave Phenomena
    C. Light
  5. Modern Physics
    A. Dual Nature of Light
    B. Quantum Theory
    C. Models of the Atom
  6. Motion in a Plane
    A. Two-Dimensional Motion & Trajectories
    B. Circular Motion
    C. Kepler's Laws
    D. Satellite Motion
  7. Internal Energy
    A. Temperature
    B. Internal Energy & Heat
    C. Kinetic Thoery of Gases
    D. Laws of Thermodynamics
  8. Electromagnetic Applications
    A. Torque on a Current Carrying Loop
    B. Electron Beams
    C. Induced Voltage
    D. The LASER
  9. Geometric Optics
    A. Images
    B. Images from Reflection (mirrors)
    C. Images from Refraction (lenses)
  10. Solid State Physics
    A. Conduction in Solids
    B. Semiconductor Devices
  11. Nuclear Energy
    A. The Nucleus
    B. Nuclear Reactions

Amlon Tutors will help you succeed!
Through individual analysis of the student's strengths and weaknesses, Amlon Tutors will help the student prepare for the Physics Regents - the physical setting, by focusing on the specific knowledge and skills required by the New York State Board of Regents. Students prepared by an Amlon private tutor can feel confident in their ability to excel in the Physics Regents. Find a tutor.

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Let's Review Physics-The Physical Setting

Regents Physics Power Pack

Like all titles in Barron's Let's Review Series, this updated book reviews subject material, offers practice questions, and makes an ideal companion to high school textbooks. Its special focus is on preparation for the physics exam that is given throughout New York State under the direction of the Board of Regents. Topics reviewed include motion, forces and Newton's laws, vector quantities and applications, circular motion and gravitation, properties of matter, electric current and circuits, electromagnetism, waves and sound, light and optics, solid-state physics and semiconductors, modern physics, nuclear energy, and much more. Also included are recent New York State Regents exams in physics with answers

When purchasing a resource to prepare for the Physics Regents, make sure it was published later than 2001. Older editions do not reflect test changes.

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