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The New SAT of 2005

The new SAT will be administered for the first time in March 2005 for the graduating class of 2006. However Amlon Tutors are abreast of the changes and ready to prepare you for this high-stakes exam.


Upcoming changes include:

  • The former SAT verbal section will be renamed SAT critical reading.

    • This section will no longer include analogies.

    • Instead, short reading passages will be added to existing long reading passages.

  • The SAT math section will be expanded to cover three years of high school math.

    • Instead of just covering concepts from Geometry and Algebra I, the new SAT math section will contain concepts from Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II.

    • The Quantitative Comparison questions will be eliminated.

  • A new section called the SAT writing section will be added.

    • It will contain 36 multiple-choice grammar questions

    • And one 25-minute written essay. The essay will be scored by two human graders using a method identical to that of the SAT II Writing test. Scores on the essay and grammar section will be combined to produce a single Writing score between 200 and 800.

  • The 2003 PSAT/NMSQT will be the best preparation for the new PSAT/NMSQT in 2004 and the new SAT in 2005.

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