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NEW SAT Format 2005

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One-on-one tutoring allows you to prepare for the SAT more efficiently. Our SAT prep program is customized to fit your particular learning style, at your pace. We'll explore your talents and focus on areas that require attention. Maximize your score by having personalized attention.

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Amlon is extremely selective when inviting tutors to join our organization. Amlon tutors come from the most prestigious schools, scored in the top percentiles on standardized tests, and have a proven record of exceptional teaching and service. Besides academic excellence, tutors are chosen for their communication skills and nurturing personalities. Amlon tutors will inspire you to succeed in the SAT:  meet us.

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2006-2007 SAT Exam Dates


Test Dates Test Registration Deadline Late Registration 
April 1, 2006 SAT **  only Feb 24, 2006 Mar 8, 2006
May 6, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Apr 3, 2006 Apr 12, 2006
June 3, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Apr 28, 2006 May 10, 2006
Oct 14, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Sep 12, 2006 Sep 20, 2006
Nov 4, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Sep 29, 2006 Oct 11, 2006
Dec 2, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Nov 1, 2006 Nov 9, 2006
Jan 27, 2006 SAT & Subject Tests Dec 20, 2006 Jan 4, 2007
Mar 10, 2007 SAT **  only Feb 2, 2007 Feb 14, 2007
May 5, 2007 SAT & Subject Tests Mar 29, 2007 Apr 11, 2007
Jun 2, 2007 SAT & Subject Tests Apr 27, 2007 May 9, 2007

Format changes effective March 2005. Learn More about it

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Note: Sunday test dates are scheduled following each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday because of a religious observance.

**On this date, only the SAT I is offered, and only in the United States, U.S. territories, and Puerto Rico.

SAT Fees

Scholastic Aptitude Test/SAT I $41.50 Late Registration Fee $21.00

Standby Fee (Walk-In) $36.00
Subject Tests/Subject Tests (registration plus) $18.00 + Each additional ATP report $ 9.00
Language Test with Listening $19.00 Telephone Rush Request $23.00
All other Subj Test $ 8.00 Test Center Change Fee $15.00
    SAT Question & Answer Service $14.00

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SAT's Online registration at the College Board site. 


Registration on September, given on October
Contact your school advisors for more information on PSAT's 

Amlon tutors  is not affiliated with the College Board. 
SAT is a trademark by the College Board. 
Please contact the College Board for more information on  SAT I's,  and   Subject Tests's.

TEST prep Recommendations

The Indispensable SAT Test Prep manual "The Official SAT Study Guide" by College Board - the SAT publishers - used by all Amlon Tutors students.

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