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Test Taking Tips

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Amlon's Test Taking Tips

  1. Be confident and Prepared

    Be on time and come fully prepared with any materials you need (e.g. pencils, calculator, ID).

  2. Read test instructions carefully

    Read the directions at least twice to make sure you understand what is expected.

  3. Budget your test time (3 hours)

    Look over the test to see what kinds of questions there are, and to give yourself an idea of how long you should allot for each area.
    Take your time, think carefully and don't panic - don't let other students leaving distract or rush you!

  4. Read each question carefully and read each choice before recording your answer

    Look out for absolute words like "always" and "never".
    Always show your work - this often leads to partial credit even if the answer is wrong.
    Do not be in a hurry - look over your test for careless errors like number transposition or a decimal point in the wrong place.
    On essay questions give the major points first and details last!
    Use simple and correct words - do not abbreviate or use slang.
    Check your spelling and punctuation. Write legibly and neatly - print if your printing is better!

  5. Use your reasoning skills

    Write down any formulas, equations or rules you had to memorize before actually working on the test itself.

  6. Do not be afraid of guessing

    Don't linger on one question too long - mark your best guess and come back to the question if time permits.
    Be careful about changing your first answers without good reason - your first choices are more likely to be correct.

  7. Sign the declaration
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